About Us

When did you first get into fantasy?

Was it recently? Game of Thrones? Harry Potter?

Or earlier? The Sword of Shannara? The Lord of the Rings? The movie... or the books?

Are you a High Fantasy fan, or more subversive? Elric of Melniboné?

Even earlier? Dungeons and Dragons? 

Were you hand painting D&D figurines as a kid?

Collecting 20-sided dice? Do you know what a 20-sided die is called?

Did you collect Boris Vallejo artwork? Still the best. 

Regardless of when or how you got into fantasy, whether your love is of dragons and wizards or fairies and unicorns, whether you're a reader, a watcher or a gamer, Fire Breathing Dragon Fantasy Collectibles invites you to put on your cloak, grasp your scepter, cast your spell and joins us for an indulgence in all things mystical and magical. 

Welcome... and enjoy!